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We’ve been home with our dogs for two years and there’s no surprise they have become somewhat attached to us. Now that we’re back in the office, our dogs must adjust to a new way of living. Local dog trainer Pushpa knows how separation anxiety can cause major problems in any household.

Separation anxiety can occur when a dog has never been shown how to be on its own without the need for constant attention or for the owner to be nearby. Many households have had the joy of getting a new pet over the past couple of years, and it’s been great in so many ways. Working from home means we’ve been spending more time with our pets.

However, in Pushpa’s experience this has meant an exponential increase in separation anxiety-related behaviours which is a major issue for dog owners.

BB web ed7 imagePushpa explains that some clients think their dogs are just ‘playing up’ or won’t listen to them but in most cases, with consistent training and clear communication, can live a calm and relaxed life with your dog.

Pushpa says “My clients have successfully eliminated separation anxiety behaviours in their dogs by creating respectful and loving relationships with them without the need for force, fear, or bribes.”

The Bark Busters way is simple and effective using voice control, communication, and body language to train your dog. Bark Busters provides an all inclusive life of the dog guarantee which gives owners peace of mind knowing they have ongoing support.

Here are some tips to alleviate your dog’s anxiety:
• Separate your workspace from your dog’s space.
• Set times for you and your dog when you interact with them. Keep routines consistent.
• Act like you aren’t at home to get them used to your return to the office.
• Do what works for you and your dog.
• Learn how to be the leader, not just your dog’s best friend!

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