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It’s always an exciting time bringing home a new puppy! It can be hugely rewarding however you need to be prepared. There is a lot to do before bringing puppy home – from buying equipment and supplies to preparing the household for the new arrival.

OTIS 2Most dog owners would agree it’s always more work bringing a new dog into the household than they expected. Everyone has to be prepared for the new addition. Especially if you have a baby, toddler or child, readjustments often need to be made.

Before you even purchase a dog, make sure you have the time to look after it properly. All dogs need training, care, exercise and routines to thrive. Think about how you are going to adapt your daily schedule for the puppy or dog and make sure you have adequate resources to provide for it.

Check your home is puppy friendly by getting on your hands and knees and do a safety check from the perspective of a dog. Remove any items in the house and garden that could harm your puppy.

Educate your family members on how to interact with the puppy as establishing good habits early can help to alleviate future problems. Teach your children to understand their puppy is a living creature with feelings and needs, and not an inanimate toy or object.  Give the puppy plenty of space and monitor your children when the puppy or dog is near to avoid any accidental nips or mouthing.

Pushpa from Bark Busters says, “Our training takes place in your home and is especially suited for new dog owners. Getting you started as early as possible on managing your puppy helps develop a mutually respectful and trusting relationship with great results from the moment they come home. We use voice control and body language to communicate with and train your dog and we offer a life of the dog guarantee which means you receive ongoing support for the life of your puppy dog!”

Puppy arrival checklist:
• A crate
• Pen/gates
• Bedding
• Dog appropriate toys
• Fixed collar and tag
• Lead
• Water and food bowls
• Brushes and shampoo
• Cleaning products
• Toileting products
• Safety checklist
• Find a vet

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