How to attract great people

With businesses across all industries looking for staff, it’s easy to settle for second best. But the cost of hiring the wrong person is far greater than the cost of waiting a little longer for the right one. We chat to Adrian Searle from Decision Health to learn how to find great employees.

Adrian 2With few candidates in the market, and an urgent need for staff, it’s easy to rush through the recruitment process. Adrian says, “We’re encouraging people not to compromise too much on the evaluation process because they run the risk of employing a lower quality candidate”.

Experience and job knowledge are important, but there are some key qualities every employer should be looking for. “If you’re looking for the wrong qualities, you’re never going to hire the right people. In our experience there are five qualities that all great employees have: good judgement, self-awareness, other orientation, a willingness to unlearn and grounded confidence”, says Adrian.

Well-structured interviews with certain types of questions will help you gain some insight around these qualities. Complementing your interviews with psychometric assessments and some simulation activities will give you more information.
“A comprehensive evaluation process doesn’t have to be long”, says Adrian. “At Decision Health we have expertise in designing thorough, concise candidate evaluation processes. This doesn’t just help you as an employer to find the right people, it’s also a way to positively influence quality candidates. A quality recruitment process will send a strong message to the candidate that you’re a quality organisation they’d want to be part of.”
1. Good judgement
In every role, daily decisions will be made so sound judgement is crucial.
2. Self-awareness
Having a deep understanding of ourselves and how our behaviour impacts others is important. An employee with good self-awareness will be a more effective employee and a better team member.
3. Other orientation
Having a good balance between self and others will help employees understand that they’re here to support and serve others. Their giving mindset will create collaboration and a good work environment.
4. Willingness to unlearn
No matter what age we are or what experience we have, there will always be areas where we’ve got flawed thinking patterns that lead to poor decisions. Good employees are willing to change their thinking patterns to drive more productive behaviours.
5. Grounded confidence
People with grounded confidence are more willing to be vulnerable, speak up and be more considerate of others. There’s no boldness or arrogance in their being.
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