Top 10 parks in Balmain and Rozelle

We're spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful harbourside parks in Balmain and Rozelle, take a stroll to Birchgrove and Balmain East for the most picture perfect scenes, and enjoy the tranquil surrounds.

Ballast Point Park Ballast Point Park: Overlooking Sydney Harbour, Ballast Point Park in Birchgrove offers stunning waterfront views and lush greenery, inviting locals to enjoy picnics and leisurely strolls in a serene environment.

Location: Ballast Point Road, Birchgrove

Facilities: Toilets, BBQs, Waters Edge, Harbour Views, Dogs on lead.
Gladstone Park

Gladstone Park: Located in Balmain, Gladstone Park is a charming green space with a playground, perfect for families to unwind. The park's welcoming atmosphere and open lawns make it a popular spot for community gatherings.

Location: Darling Street, Balmain

Facilities: Basketball, Picnic Tables, Playground, Toilets 

Callan Park Callan Park: Nestled in Rozelle, Callan Park boasts historic buildings amid expansive grounds. The park provides a peaceful escape, offering walking trails and a sense of tranquillity against the backdrop of heritage architecture.

Location: Balmain Road, Lilyfield

Rozelle Parklands Rozelle Parklands: Serving as a recreational hub in Rozelle, the Parklands offer a mix of sports facilities, playgrounds, and shaded areas. Locals flock here for a diverse range of activities, from sports to relaxing weekends in nature.

Location: Foucart St, Rozelle

Facilities: Amenities, Picnics, BBQ area, Cycling and Walking paths, Playgrounds, Fitness Equipment, Boadwalk
Leichhardt Park Leichhardt Park: A bustling recreational area in Leichhardt, this park features sports fields and waterfront paths. Families, fitness enthusiasts, and dog walkers alike enjoy the park's amenities and vibrant community atmosphere.

Location: Between Lilyfield Road and Glover Street, Lilyfield

Facilities: Playground, Skate Park, Toilets, Picnic Tables, Outdoor fitness station, Pontoon, Water's edge, Swimming, Dogs on lead.
Elkington Park Elkington Park: Overlooking the Iron Cove, Elkington Park in Balmain provides a picturesque setting for picnics and casual sports. Its waterfront location and well-maintained gardens attract residents seeking a peaceful escape.

Location: Glassop Street, Balmain

Facilities: Toilets, Playground, Swimming at Dawn Fraser Baths, Views, Water's edge
Bridgewater Park Bridgewater Park: Tucked away in Birchgrove, Bridgewater Park offers a peaceful escape with its shaded walkways and scenic views of the water. The park's quiet ambiance makes it a favourite for those seeking solitude.

Location: Margaret Street, Rozelle

Playground, BBQs, Picnic Tables, Views, Water's edge
Punch Park Punch Park: Centrally located in Balmain, Punch Park is a vibrant community space featuring sports fields and a popular playground. Families and sports enthusiasts enjoy the park's lively atmosphere and well-maintained facilities.

Location: Wortley Street, Balmain 

Facilities: Playground, Toilets, Tennis Courts
Illoura Reserve

Illoura Reserve: In Lilyfield, Illoura Reserve offers a charming green space with a playground and recreational facilities. The park's intimate setting makes it a local favourite for leisurely afternoons and family outings.

Location: Weston Street, Balmain East

Facilities: Playground, Toilets, Picnic Tables, Views, Water's edge, Basketball

Thornton Park Thornton Park: Situated in Balmain, Thornton Park is known for its sports facilities and open spaces. The park's central location and diverse offerings cater to the recreational needs of the community, fostering an active and engaged local lifestyle.

Location: Darling Street, Balmain East

Facilities: Playground, Toilets, Picnic Tables, Views, Water's edge


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