How to post an ad on the Job Board

In order to post a job ad your business needs to be a member of the the Balmain Rozelle Chamber of Commerce or a registered advertiser. If you want to join the BRCC, please visit this page. If you only wish to register as a Job Board advertiser, pleas check our Advertising Plans.

Step 1 - Login and access your Job Board Offers

Login with your account details you used to register your business. Remember that your username is the email you used to register your business and your password was emailed to you if you haven't changed it already. 
Once you login you will be automatically redirected your Business listins administration page. From there, just click on Job Board/Items and Add New Offer.Add New Offer

Step 2 - Add your job offer details

Complete your Job Offer details and click Save & Continue when you are done. You can return and edit these details later without any issues.
The more information you add, the more complete and effective your add will be.

These are the main fields you need to think about:

Select a Business - You must select the business that is a member of the BRCC or registered to post job ads.

Job Title - This is the main title of your job ad.

JB JobTitle

Short Description - This description will appear on the listing of your job before applicants click on it. Make it nice and appealing, but to the point as it is limited to 250 characters only.

JB ShortDescription

Description - The main job description that will appear on the job individual page. All the requirements and details as you would in any job ad.

Start Date - Please add the date that you want your ad to go live and start receiving applications.
Pro tip: you create jobs ads and set a date in the future for it to start and end.

End Date - Please add the date that you want your ad will stop receiving applications.

Public start date, Publish end date, Publish start time and Publish end time - These are not really required and can be ignored. You can use them if you want to be very specific about a particular date and time that your job ad will go live and cease to show.

Show remaining time - Do you want the ad to show the number of days remaining until it ends? If yes, select it here.

JB RemainingDays

Price (ignore) - Feel free to ignore this value. It can be use if your job ad changed the advertised Salary or Rate.

Salary or Rate - Please add the hourly rate or annual salary for this position in AUD. If you want to omit this amount just add zero. You will be able to add more details about this value in the next field. This field is not compulsory and a 'zero' amount won't show any value in the actual ad, but consider that dds with an hourly rate or salary usually get more suitable applicants.

Salary or Rate details (p/h, package, etc) - This text will appear right under the Salary or Rate advertised. Indicate here if it is an 'hourly rate''annual package', 'negotiable based on experience' or any other important information. This text is limited to 100 characters and will show regardless if a salary or rate was entered in the previous question.

JB Salary Rate details

Email - Please enter here the email to receive the job applications. Needless to note, this is very important.

Type - Select from Casual, Part Time or Full Time.

Category and Main category - Our job ads can be filtered by applicants by categories. Select here one or more categories for your job ad if applicable.

Location - This is the address of where the job is. If you provide a location for your job, it will also be plotted on a map making it easier for applicants to find it.
Pro tip: click on the map to change the coordinates of the location of your job.

Pictures - Please upload any images you want to add to your job ad. These could be just a reference or even photos of the workplace. Make sure you have permission to use this photograph and the people that appear on it. Do not simple get any image from the internet. Ads with images are much more attractive to job seekers.

JB Picture

Step 4 - Publish your ad

After clicking Save & Continue your ad will be saved but not ready just yet. You will be redirected your Job Board Offers where you can your new ad and create some others. 

Click on the green tick to set your ad as 'Published' or 'Unpublished'. Published ads are live (respecting the publishing and end dates you might have set for them) and Unpublished ads do not appear on the website. Remember that you can create as many ads as you wish, but only have the number of published ads your package allows. Confirmation Emails 2023

Step 5 - Whitelist our email

Once your ad is live, it is a good idea to test it. Visit our website and send a message to yourself from the ad you created. The email you entered when creating the ad will receive a message from no-reply @balmainrozelle . org. au. It is a good idea to whitelist or create a rule in your email system to make sure it doesn't go to spam.Apply Now

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