Advocacy Goals

One of the goals of the Balmain Rozelle Chamber of Commerce is to act as a single voice for local businesses to represent their collective views to all levels of government, industry and the community. The folloiwj g gives an overview of the type of issues we are concerned with.
  • Rozelle Village development
  • White Bay redevelopment
  • Callan Park
  • Parking and traffic management
  • Public transport, including Sydney Ferries
  • Iron Cove Bridge changes
  • Carrier site redevelopment
Members are invited to share their views in the MEMBERS ONLY section of this website Via our FORUMS. 

Questions can be addressed to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Parking Policy

The Chamber outlined its position on Parking Issues in the Balmain Rozelle area several years ago– we have 5 clear policy statements on the key issues. The Chamber’s position on parking has been revised in response to the changing business conditions over the last twelve months and are a part of an over-all strategy to revitalise our business community.. We are pleased see that the Council has acknowledged the Parking Issues and has implemented 30 minutes free parking on the High Streets of Balmain & Rozelle. We will continue to push for our other issues that remain

Please see the Chamber’s policy document here BRCC_Parking_POLICY_2012_-_FINAL.pdf

'High St' Revitalisation Project

This is an important business and community initiative:

In recent years, massive and dramatic changes have been happening in the world economy, these have, also, put shock-waves into our own national and local economy. When you combine that with;

  • web-world revolutions,
  • the explosion of e-commerce , and
  • changing consumer spending patterns,

 the stress on local retail businesses is more than individual business owners can be expected to overcome on their own.

Given that there were already underlying local conditions distorting business capabilities (e.g. commercial rent levels, parking, and changing mix of businesses,) it’s no small wonder, that like so many ‘High Sts’ around the world, our own local Balmain Rozelle retail communities have been seriously impacted.

It is crucial that the local business community respond to these changes, and do so rapidly, if the character, amenity and local economy of the area are to remain vital. An additional, and by no means minor point, is that many of the local business owners live in the area; the multiplier effect of business closures on family, property, education institutions, and general community morale, is profound and undesirable.

The Chamber has already responded to this critical situation - we launched our High St Revitalisation Project at the last AGM (Dec 2011); research, workshops, business collaboration, design of strategic marketing directions, (branding identity and delivery methods), are already well underway.


CORE Principles behind the High St Project – key messages;

  • The Chamber’s High St Project is about turning our High St around – now – (so, not focussing on what’s ‘wrong’ and why we ‘can’t’.)

We are realistic about ‘what’s wrong’ and we are determinedly attending to obstacles and limitations where and how we can - but our primary focus is to look at ‘what’s right’ and what can be done to revitalise our wonderful local business community.

  • Our local area, including our local businesses, is a great place to live, visit and shop – we have enormous talent, character and uniqueness amongst our local business owners. We are proud of our businesses and are actively supporting them – now.
  • This project is about what we can do collectively, as a business community, to revitalise the business in Balmain Rozelle – e.g. social networking, collective marketing, social media and destination marketing is our initial focus; getting people back onto our High St.

We need to remind people that we’re here – we’re a great place to see and be – and we have the kind of shopping that village life is all about. Even many of our local residents have lost the heart of our villages – our business community needs to start a new conversation with our local community and bring that shopping interest – and village life - back.

  • We are actively encouraging new business initiatives in the area that support the ‘High St’ Project objectives. It is not typical for the Chamber to do this – as a general rule the Chamber does not facilitate specific businesses but in these urgent times, with our ‘High St’ needing immediate support, we are making some focussed exceptions for this period of rejuvenation.
  • The BRCC’s ‘High St’ Project is focussed on the business community and what the local businesses can, and need to do, to rejuvenate the retail shopping environment. Business owners need to be supported to find the right answers for their own businesses – these are complex and broad-based issues that can’t be solved as ‘lone’ businesses. Equally, business owners need to commit to, and ‘own’ the changes required to uplift the shopping environment.
  • The BRCC’s ‘High St’ Project recognises that many other stakeholders matter, and need to be included in our ‘High St’ changes; residents, shopping visitors, local Council, for starters. The project is including and engaging all audiences where and how we can.

 For further details and enquiries, please contact Connie Comber, Project Manager for the BRCC ‘High St’ Revitalisation Project, on 0418 488 819 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Jodie Stewart, President, BRCC, via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it