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Bringing home a new puppy is a lovely experience, but some first time dog owners may find they need help with managing typical puppy behaviour such as chewing and jumping. Local dog trainer Pushpa Prem from Bark Busters Inner West Sydney coaches families to effectively and lovingly communicate with their dog in the comfort and safety of their home.

Bark Busters was founded in Australia 33 years ago and uses a unique holistic method of training dogs based on how dogs naturally communicate. Socialisation and exercise is important for both puppies and older dogs. Pushpa says “Although dog parks are very popular, not every dog will enjoy going there”. If you do choose to visit a local dog park Pushpa encourages you to keep the following in mind:

Keep your dog healthy
Be sure your dog isn’t vulnerable to picking up infections from other dogs by keeping their vaccinations and worming medications up to date.

Know your dog
Not all dogs enjoy meeting new dogs. Testing your dog in a controlled environment such as at a friend’s house with their dog is ideal before you consider taking them to the dog park.

AdobeStock 250628253 1Closely supervise your dog
Don’t get distracted while talking to other owners or on your phone. Keep an eye on your dog at all times to make sure their interactions with other dogs are safe. Watch their body language to help you avoid any trouble before it begins and make sure your dog comes back to you every time you call them.

Let your dog off lead as soon as you enter unleashed areas
Mixing leashed and unleashed dogs can create a hostile situation. Leashed dogs, and their owners, often display body language and behaviour that is threatening to unleashed dogs. A leashed dog can’t choose to follow the natural instinct of “fight or flight” — if they can’t take flight they may have to fight.

Body language
Educate yourself about the body language and communication signals that dogs display so you can tell the difference between and identify when dogs exhibit fear, play, or aggression.

Know when to leave
Keep your dog’s welfare a top priority. If your dog is being threatened or bullied and seems fearful, or is becoming over excited or threatening towards other dogs, you should leave. Don’t feel pressured by others, they don’t know your dog the way you do.

Dog friendly local parks
Easton Park, Rozelle
Fun green areas for doggy runs

Mort Bay Park, Birchgrove
Sweeping harbour views

King George Park, Rozelle
Free play when sport isn’t on

Birrung Park, Balmain
Plenty of space for chase

Gladstone Park, Balmain
On-leash fun with friends

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